Thursday, 10 September 2015


OK, no patience, I have rushed ahead and managed to get the boys done before lunch, as you can see they seem no worse for their fall. The army list called for Auxiliary horse archers, but no mounted figure is out there in typical Roman dress with a bow so as my force is deployed in the East the next best thing was local troops in Roman service, hence these guys are Parthian or at least from that area around 150-200 AD.

From looking online artists tend to have these guys in blue a lot so I decided to go for the same colour but different shades, apart from the leader who has a reddish top and a nice expensive helmet. With all that leatherwork the horses were a pain to paint but worth it in the end, the figures themselves are very easy as they have a short kaftan kind of coat with a broad decoration at the edges, nothing time consuming there. The Roman and Auxiliary cavalry in the drawer have even more leatherwork I believe but hey ho, Cohors II will be started tonight seeing as I am back in the groove.


  1. George,
    Superb painting sir!
    I really like your clean, bold style of brushwork. Suits the figures well too.
    One day I really ought to paint some Roman cavalry. But I seem to be allergic to miniature horses.

  2. Thanks Matt. I paint simply now, perhaps mixing paint at times but overall block then different washes depending on the colours, seems to work. The figures are nice and Aventine's new Steppe range additions are fantastic. Only another 24 nags to go.