Thursday, 10 September 2015


It's a beautiful day and I am up and doing, the missus wants to clean the house this afternoon, which also requires my input for an hour or so, so I thought I would get a good start on my stuff.

The horse archers were given their coat of Winsor and Newton last night and looked fine, but no, I had anti-shine standing by and the rest of the troops were finished off with a spray so the horse archers were getting one too. I do everything on the tray, so I put them on the tray, carefully carried them outside and put them on the wheelie bin, no, on the wheelie bin. No wind so I sprayed away, then, despite my brain having jumped into the future and seen horse archers in bits on the drive, I moved the tray. Horse archers in bits on the drive!

"I said that tray was bad news"

Despite knowing better I moved the bleedin' tray.

Thankfully only three guys hit the deck and the damage was minimal, a little piece of paint and they will be like new, but what an idiot. There may be pictures of the finished unit up later if I get my 'chores' done. The legionaries for Cohort 2 or rather II are being primed as I type, again on the wheelie bin but inside the lips of the tray this time, lesson learned.

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