Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mr. Blue

It has been a few days and now things are getting back to normal after our 'clan' gathering at Millom in Cumbria, just an hour and a bit up the road. The town used to be, like many other places in the UK a bustling industrial centre with its own Ironworks, it is mentioned in the Domesday book as being held by Earl Tostig, King Harold's brother?

T' Old Days.

Peace and quiet.
The glory days have gone and although nestled in some very pretty countryside and lovely in the town centre the surrounding area is a mess, we were in a huge, old Victorian building with the sea a two minute walk away. The weekend started badly as my nephew, a policeman, had his car tyres slashed by an ex-lover of an ex-lover, it's complicated, but once we all arrived things improved after the fight to see who had which room, as King of the Anderson's now I had first choice of course.

We drank and ate well, played rounders, ran egg n spoon, three-legged and sack races, walked in the sun as the weather was superb and generally had a great weekend. My brother mentioned he had slo-mo on his iPad so I jumped at the chance "let's do Reservoir Dogs" says I the bit with the slow walk, I always fancied that. What with one thing and another, you can't trust people in front of a camera, we managed the final cut after six tries but had a hilarious time doing it.

I have also got back to painting the Romans, an added impetus being that I received an invitation to another War & Conquest event in February near Swindon, this may be a full blown Dark Ages theme or again a mixed one involving Rome and her enemies depending on the interest. I have already booked my hotel so come what may I will be there. I expect to finish the horse archers by Monday and have already got a second cohort ready in the wings.

I have also managed to steam ahead with the maps and at going to print only three projects are on the drawing board, two of which are nearing completion.

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