Thursday, 29 October 2015

Another Red Letter Day

I didn't get to the club the other night as I am still suffering badly from this damn throat, so much so that I have got a doctor's appointment for this afternoon I am going to lay it on thick to hopefully get some antibiotics and put an end to it.

The mail man knocked on the door as he always does, but this time it wasn't the usual guy and he handed me a large parcel, it was my desert mat, something I was not expecting for at least another week or so and then a second postie brought me the latest in the Walking Dead volumes.

The best thing of all was an email from Bev Kreuger at The Last Square in Wisconsin, some of you American readers may know this game store, who informed me that she had approximately £94 in royalties for me from sales of my scenario books. She explained that TLS had suffered from the banking crises and they had now turned the corner and as she was stock taking she found that she had sold her remaining stock of our scenario books and she wanted to pass on the money to myself and co-author Ryan. It was a very pleasant surprise and what an incredibly honest woman.

The Last Square logo.

I am hoping to work on my terrain pieces this afternoon and get some photographs over the weekend with what I have of the Romans on the new mat.


  1. "Mail man" ... Ye gods sir, on this sceptred isle we refer to said person as the "postie". ;-) ;-) ;-)
    As for the book etc, what an honest lady indeed?

  2. The 'Postie' would not regularly interrupt my lunch, the 'mail man' does :)

    Looking forward to February, I will have to start my Romans on a training regime.