Sunday, 18 October 2015

Well Done Scotland

Since the demise of the England vs Scotland football match I have had no interest in sport whatsoever and despite myself that was the only game which could fire me up, even though we lost most of them, even on my wedding day we were cuffed 5-0, but every time you always just thought, this time.

When Scotland played Samoa a week ago I watched the second half having nothing better to do and although I understood none of it I did leap out the chair on several occasions and make gutteral 'yesssss' sounds as they went on to victory.

Today I went and had a snooze and when I came too it was just in time to sit through the second half of today's match against Australia, Scotland were so many points behind and I thought here we go again. But no, I watched them catch up and overtake the Aussies with a couple of minutes to go, the phone went and I shouted "no, call back!" Like the rest of the Jocks I was gutted as the Aussies pulled it out of the bag in the dying seconds of the match, and I commiserated with the manager and captain as they were asked banal questions by the interviewers even as the result sank in.

Well done lads.


  1. We were robbed !!! Yellow card should have been a penalty and there was no way of telling who the ball came off at the end should have gone upstairs their decision would have been a scrum and we would have gone on to victory !!!!! Grrrrr one angry sister

    1. Calm down dear as Mr. Cameron would say, but of course you are right but sadly it's too late. That ref should just be about entering Nigeria by now if he is still running.