Sunday, 25 October 2015

FIASCO the Show

We got to the show about half an hour after it opened, having got the map to the hall the main thing which stood out was the number of games on display, it was very small, and once inside the hall it looked in the main to be a traders convention. This was a shame as I had been looking for some games to give me some inspiration, the quality of most of the games was pretty poor to be honest or the standard you would see on a decent club night. Only one game in particular stood out for me and it was part of the battle of Kursk fought with Bolt Action rules on a beautiful terrain, but although I approached the table on several occasions and at one obviously took pictures no one spoke to me or looked like wanting to. The other well constructed game was just outside the main door and was a big WWII Western Desert game but again the guys were more interested in playing than engaging anyone who showed an interest. I had a word with Simon and Michael Curtis of Curtey's Miniatures and 1st Corps and wished I had all the time and money in the world to build armies with their wonderful figures but sadly I don't, but I might end up fighting against them in February. They did speak at length about the effort involved in bringing their 'road show' to a convention and I can see some time in the near future where we will only have one or two large trader and wargame shows with local shows going back to showcasing the hobby alone, if at all.

A demo of Guild Ball, a fantasy football game.
Eastern Front

Eastern Front
Eastern Front.
I did manage to spend around £60, I got some primer and jumping ahead some Iranian flesh paint for the Sassanids next year. I also saw a lot of desert terrain and bought some hills and rough ground from S&A Scenics which I will sprinkle with my sand to match the Roman bases, I also got a small marsh/oasis from the Last Valley which I will also redo with my sand, that should be more than enough for now. Bringing up the rear is some magnetic tape and a bunch of spears which I have run out of at the moment.

The Swag.

Nothing to do with the show but my Suicide Squad comics have turned up and I have started the first, and it is pretty good, as you can see by the covers Harley Quinn seems to be flavour of the month at the moment, looking forward to the movie.


  1. George,
    It really irks me that you go to a show and see only decent club games at best. I've put on show games and pulled out all the stops a number of times. It's great to get plenty of good comment from the punters! :o)
    As for games where the players can't be 4rsed to talk to the show-goers, well that really is dreadful manners. Again, when I'm running a demo my first priority is to engage with the people who take the time to look at our game. Why else go?
    Anyway, rant over ;o) ;o)

    1. I agree with all your points, the only enthusiastic guy was the Guild Ball bloke, it was a small show and I approached several of the tables several times but not once did I elicit any interest, real shame.