Monday, 5 October 2015

It's Not All Reminiscing

Well the stinking weather is back so now we have to look forward to next summer before we get some heat. I was hoping to show you my Roman generals but the house is in turmoil with builders and visitors so my painting station is now in the study parked on the side of the PC right next to the window and it is not the best place to relax and paint. Therefore I have only completed my Emperor who will be Marcus Aurelius and his second in command Giaus Avidius Cassius, I was thinking of having Cassius as the top man as he fought in the East and even made his own grab for the Imperial throne but I am a sucker for Emperor's. Both these guys have others on the base to show how important they are so I haven't just painted two figures in the last week or more, five actually.

I will be back at the club tomorrow night and want to take my Wings of War stuff as I don't play enough of it and it will give me something else to write about.

A previous large balloon busting game at home.
 I only have one map project at the moment and this is not required until early next year, however I have been in touch with the author and I am going to draw them now anyway, it is a book about tanks on the Somme battlefield, they author follows individual British tanks as the battle progresses.

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