Monday, 19 October 2015

Доброе утро Россия

I'm back in the PO on what should be my day off as we still have my grandaughter and she is more at home with Granny than evil Papa who doesn't play Pony World with her. I check the blog stats the way most people check Facebook and I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that I am getting a large number of hits from Mother Russia, more so than the UK first thing. I was told that some of the hits are robots, though why a robot would want to peruse my musings is beyond me unless it is an X-Wing AAR. I had a small but significant following from Taiwan for a time but they have obviously moved on to other things. I cannot make head nor tail of the stats to be honest, some of the sections don't seem to add up but hey ho. What intrigues me the most are those out of the way countries where one poor soul has come here via Mongolia, Tunisia or Guam never to be seen again, I wonder what they were looking for in the first place.

The most popular post by far is '5,000!' which is one line basically, does that mean I rabbit on too much or do people get to it expecting something exciting and then head off to the real posts, I don't know.

Anyway onwards and upwards after a week or so with no maps I completed two one off specials over the weekend and now have two more projects, Polish armour in Europe and another on what looks like a British action in NW Europe, I have only briefly scanned the latter.

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