Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Last Kingdom

This is a hot topic with us wargamers at the moment and has been long awaited by Dark Age fans, so, having seen the first episode and being a pain in the bum for pointing out historical faux pas what did I think.

Before we get to that let me say that until recently the only book of Cornwall's that I had read was one on the American Civil War and it was dreadful, I took up his series about his view on King Arthur and it was OK, I read two and am not bothered about reading any more. I have read historical fiction and read a great deal when I was younger and it was all better than Cornwall's or at least that is the way I remember it.

I also have to agree with some points of view that if you are going to turn out an historically based series and have to spend money please spend it on the right stuff, you can pick up an Osprey book if you are Googley challenged. I can forgive a lot but getting the costumes wrong is really pushing it.

Having said all that I thought it was pretty good and I enjoyed it and I look forward to more. We have to be thankful for what we get as amateur historians and wargamers in the way of bringing our periods to life, sure we can get real bummers like the White Queen but we can also get stuff like Vikings and this which in the end are historical fiction not historical fact. Leave your brain on the kitchen table, grab a beer and simply enjoy something for enjoyment's sake for an hour, then put your brain back in, if I can do that with Braveheart........!

I do wonder why we cannot produce wonderful historical dramas covering the Scottish Wars or the Wars of the Roses or even the events leading up to 1066, storylines with strong characters, battles, love affairs, murders, treachery and everything in between, and all home grown. Why?

This is something at last for me and my licence money for which I normally get nothing.


  1. George,
    Glad you enjoyed TLK, I certainly did. For me it had more plusses than minuses. Some of the costumes are a bit OTT, the castle was a bit eastern european and (worst of all) those oblong shields - Gah!?
    Still, it's good fun and does help to bring these wonderful periods of history to life. I just hope Joe Public doesn't consider it a history lesson.
    Looking forward to episode two :-)

    1. Would you believe I am watching Doctor Who right now and enjoying it, what's happening to me.

  2. Agree with most of your thoughts. I didn't think they did too badly with the costumes and armour etc...yes the shields were odd and there was a distinct lack of spears but I was expecting much worse so I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

    I've read all the books but have struggled through the last does feel like a series that could have been wrapped up sooner and seems to be plodding on now. Still the TV series does five us the opportunity to 'explain' historical inaccuracies to our families while they're trying to watch it...that always goes down well....

    1. I like that Alistair, 'opportunity to explain' got a chuckle from me.