Friday, 9 October 2015

Roman Generals

I have managed despite the upheaval to complete my leaders for the Romans along with the rally point which is needed for War & Conquest, although the latter can be anything most people go overboard a bit and enjoy themselves with little vignettes applicable to their chosen armies. The Medicus from Warlord Games is my first effort, I still need something better than tents for the Romano-British and Saxons, the next time I get to a show I shall keep my eyes open for inspiration.

Marcus Aurelius, Emperor.

Giaus Avidius Cassius, Consul

Medicus and as usual someone waiting attention.

Our man under the knife, the gag is a nice touch.

Tribunes or Centurions as required.

And there you go, next up some casualty markers, a couple of hours at the most then it will either be the Praetorians or an Auxiliary cavalry unit. I can easily field a 2000 point army at the moment but I would like a cheaper choice of cavalry than having to take the cataphracts, but we will see I still have a day or so to make my mind up.

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  1. Brilliant! :o)
    Can't beat Romans eh? ... No ... wait a minute ... :-P