Sunday, 11 October 2015

View From The Window

Well I am up fairly early this morning, nothing is stirring and it looks kind of light grey, I can't see Ingleborough through the gap but at least it is dry. I think the interest in Washington House has evaporated it is still up for sale and I have not seen the interested party around for a while. We are approaching that time of year of course when houses just do not shift, we had quite a few new people arrive during the summer, and I use the term loosely, they pop in to the PO just to be nosy then they might just as well fall off the edge of the world as we never see them again.

I read this week that some boffins in Sweden I believe have discovered that peas have something in them that fight cancer, but I wouldn't go running off to Aldi to stock up on peas if I were you, this is where I would normally say take it with a pinch of salt, but of course that is a no no. Remember when the scientists decided that red wine, butter, steaks, lard and a huge amount of other things which you enjoyed were all bad for you, then slowly all these things have been brought back into the fold but tagged with the usual get out clause 'in moderation' just in case you have a lawyer on tap. No sooner does someone tell you something than another person just as qualified tells you the opposite.

These absurdities are everywhere, if you want out of the EU we sell more to it then we buy, if you are for staying in you shout we could not survive without their imports, if you are an Eco warrior you can say we are all going to drown in rising seas, if not you can point out that the planet stopped warming up nineteen years ago at half past eleven on 14th March and both sides have data to 'prove' their argument. An environmental group in the Netherlands sued their own government over some emission thing or other, why would you do that to your own country, how can a minority fringe cult sue the government to the detriment of the majority and get away with it, madness.

I am going under the knife again tomorrow morning, I asked a doctor three years ago about a spot on my cheek and was told it was nothing, I asked again about three months ago to be told it is a skin cancer, no wonder I am a cynic. I had waited eleven weeks so far to get an appointment which I was told is normally sixteen weeks, I got a cancellation on Friday, I trotted off to the appointment with my usual large book to while away the hours before the doctor would actually see me. Well, blow me down with a feather, I was taken within five minutes and I had turned up early, the Doc agreed that it was a cancer, also that if I was ever going to get cancer that was the one to get and it was also growing in the right direction so the scar would be minimal when they cut it out, lucky me I said. I was escorted out and given an appointment for the surgery by the receptionist, wait a minute, this is for this Monday, a mere two days hence, something must be wrong, no all is in order said the overweight girl with shrapnel hanging from her ears. Despite being in shock I gave her a polite smile thanked her profusely and said I'll see her again on Monday.

On the subject of health I take pills for diabetes, which I personally am not convinced I have, but of course you never know (see above), so if I am not careful I might lose my sight or my legs, I probably won't but just in case that lawyer is around it is on the information leaflet. I have a blood disorder, this can attack my liver or heart, again I have had it for sixty odd years and as far as I know after all the tests both organs are functioning as they would when sixty years old. I got leg cramps a few nights back and as I have been given yet another type of pill I checked it, the only side effect it doesn't have is turning you into a dog at the full moon, the worst of the effects would kill me within three days, obviously one from the kill or cure school. Another, which I threw in the bin would have given me ankles like tree trunks and worst of all, the one we all fear, right there at the top "NO ALCOHOL". AAAaaaaagh! Naturally I googled this and was reassured by the same answer on a multitude of forums, it was healthspeak for 'in moderation'.

I may as well stick with health, what about the buy who bought the drug company and then raised the price of a drug sold for something like $5 to $750! The hue and cry has of course now died down and he has been forgotten by the majority of us who move on to the next knee jerk headline while he runs off to the bank and the poor people who need the drug agonise over where the money will come from.

The village is waking up now, a couple of lady joggers have run past, the traffic is building up and a half naked male jogger has just raced past, put a shirt on mate believe me you are no ..... eh...... muscley guy, so there.

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