Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Spider Misses Again

Last week was a training week, as well as introducing Kevin to the delights of War and Conquest I also took him through a game of Dead Man's Hand on Saturday. I didn't want to drop him straight into a fancy scenario with desperado's running about all over the place so I went with one of the 'Scenes' from the rules.

The first is a play on Clint Eastwood settling a score on behalf of his mule in 'A Fistful of Dollars', so Kevin took the gunhand while I was in charge of three drunken Mexicans, there is no finesse in this shoot out and my Caballeros sought to close and outflank the Gunslinger cowering behind some boxes. One of my boys went down and this angered his compadres and they let loose a fusillade of shots at close range, Clint bit the dust, the look on the mules face was a picture.

Clint gets more than he bargained for.

The second scene was simply a shoot out in the main street between Clint's mates and the Spider's gang. The Lawmen had a couple of men out front of the Sheriff's office while the rest made their way along the back of Main Street. I met them with some of my men but the Spider found himself, as he usually does these days, on the back foot and on the opposite side of the street.
The Spider making his move.
The alley of missed opportunities
 Nonetheless I ran my four guys forward to hopefully kill some lawmen before I was overwhelmed, Kevin had the same idea and his Marshall rashly attacked down 'the alley of death' or more accurately 'the alley of wounds'. I let loose several shots including two barrel's of buckshot but although bleeding profusely the Marshall escaped, as did his mates as none of my bullets hit a vital part, even the Spider sprinting across the street failed to stop the Marshall.

Quiet returns to Carefree.

A round of mayhem proceeded and most of my amigos went down, the Spider decided that discretion was the better part of valour and ran. I am becoming disheartened by the Spider and he is going to have to step up to the line if he wants to maintain his hold on the gang.

I nice little game and I think Kevin enjoyed it, a lot of fun as usual and no fuss.


  1. I certainly did enjoy it and the experience is greatly enhanced by the fantastic town buildings. I doubt if you will ever roll so badly as in that second scenario; how my man escaped from the point blank range ambush in the Alley of Death almost beggars belief.

  2. Always fun to see a good old western shootout!